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Is digital decision-making legally valid?

YES, the corona speed law offers the possibility to legally have a vote or election take place completely online. On this page you can read more about the corona speed law. Below we also discuss the possibilities of digital decision-making during an online meeting.

What does the corona speed law entail?
The corona speed law is a temporary law drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and Security due to the outbreak of the corona virus. Also called the "Temporary COVID-19 Justice and Security Act". This emergency law allows you, as the board of an association, VVE, cooperative, participation council or foundation, to decide to have those entitled to vote digitally, even if this is not described in the statutes. However, it is necessary that a number of preconditions are met.

Decision-making during online meeting
It is possible to allow persons entitled to vote online for a certain period of time via This tool is also extremely suitable for allowing voters to vote during an online meeting.

Online meetings including digital voting
If you, as a board, choose to keep the ALV completely online, the meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, for example. A big advantage of a digital meeting is that it ensures a large turnout of members, it is easy to schedule and it is often cheaper. Read the 6 preconditions that you must meet online ALV here. During the meeting, those entitled to vote follow the meeting via Teams or Zoom and can also ask questions. Voters answer the questions asked via has the option that persons entitled to vote can only answer a question after it has been discussed and discussed in the meeting. After those entitled to vote have cast their vote, the voting results can be viewed immediately. Watch the webinar here that shows how this works and what it looks like.

Have your vote online in advance
With this option, each person entitled to vote will receive all documents and the proposed resolutions by e-mail or post. They will then have the opportunity to vote on the resolutions prior to the online meeting. With, votes can be left open for a longer period, so that every member can vote at any time. Clearly indicate what is being voted on and from when to when they have the time to vote. It is also important that voters can ask questions up to 72 hours before the meeting. The questions must be discussed during the digital ALV. By allowing those entitled to vote in advance and giving them the opportunity to ask questions, the meeting will run more smoothly and it will also meet the conditions of the digital emergency law.

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