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Online Votingtool

More people are actively exercising their right to vote

The parties that use see that more people actively use their voting rights with digital voting! Digital voting therefore ensures more involvement and broader support! We are therefore convinced that digital voting will be permanent. Even if we are allowed to meet again to make decisions, this can be wonderfully supplemented by those entitled to vote remotely!

These organizations, among others, opt for safe and easy voting via Online Voting Tool:
VAB HEMAJOVDSODMVOBAEJMKNRBImperial LogisticsHV Leidsche RijnNBBUTelindusVSOAOrcaWikimedia NederlandNederland Distributie LandZetacomOvalNVOFysiogroep HaaglandenHome InsteadKNVROHolland SolarISFRVC Medical ITTri MovereUSV HerculesVCOHWVV BoniWinter Guard The Pride Huizen WSV Noord Zuid NieuwkoopEben HaezerschoolHCBDEcoburenCaecilia