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Online Votingtool

General Meetings in the Energy Transition has opted for Online Voting Tool to have a hybrid voting procedure for the General Assembly. unites more than 67,000 citizens who together produce green, Belgian energy. Fair energy for a healthy climate. Together they saved almost 61,000 tons of CO2 in 2022! All cooperants jointly own all Ecopower installations and all 67,000 cooperants are therefore also entitled to vote. Via the Online Voting Tool platform, all participants could easily cast their vote online before and during the General Meeting.

About Online Voting Tool : Online voting without subscription

More and more organizations are holding hybrid meetings that also include voting. Those entitled to vote have the option of coming to the location of the meeting. However, they can also follow the meeting online and vote online. We see that the total turnout is often increased as a result. Many of our clients see it as a good development if more people are involved in decision-making.

Of course you can also let the people who participate in a "physical meeting" vote digitally. In this way, the results of both the participants who attend the meeting and those who follow the meeting and vote from their own location, come together in 1 overview. Real time!

The ideal tool for small and large Associations, Cooperatives, General Membership Meetings, Members Councils, Works Councils, Political Parties, Participation Councils and Citizen Participations.

These organizations, among others, opt for safe and easy voting via Online Voting Tool:
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