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VVE's must also hold an annual ALV at which votes take place. For example, there must be votes on new decisions, budgets and new board members.

What are the options for the online voting?
With OnlineStemtool there are various options for a vote, such as:

  • A weighting factor. This applies if one vote counts more than the other. Consider, for example, the share of a person within the VVE.
  • Sending the voting codes to those entitled to vote. Every person entitled to vote can use a personal voting code with which he or she can log in to the secure voting website and cast his or her vote. In this email, the voter will receive the link of the voting website and the voting code, along with the steps on how to cast their vote.
  • Live support during the meeting. You can choose to receive support when you vote. Such as adding an extra question if necessary or answering questions from voters about online voting.

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These organizations, among others, opt for safe and easy voting via
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